From all of us at Colony Park Homes, thank you to all our purchasers.

We hope you will enjoy the Peartree Court community for years to come!

Peartree Court - Block 1

BLOCK 1 – TH-6END, TH-6, TH-3, TH-7END

Floor Plans: TH-6 (END) TH-3 TH-7 END

Peartree Court - Block 2

BLOCK 2 – TH-3END, TH-3, TH-3, TH-4, TH-5END

Floor Plans: TH-3 (END)  TH-4  TH-5 END

Peartree Court - Block 3

BLOCK 3 – TH-4END, TH-4, TH-4, TH-4, TH-4END

Floor Plan: TH-4 (END)

Peartree Court - Block 4

BLOCK 4 – TH-5END, TH-4, TH-5, TH-4, TH-5END

Floor Plans: TH-4  TH-5 (END)

Peartree Court - Block 5

BLOCK 5 – TH-7END, TH-3, TH-3, TH-3, TH-3, TH-3, TH-7END

Floor Plans: TH-3  TH-7 END



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